Understanding Various Boarding Alternatives for Your Cat

21 July 2016
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Are you going for a vacation or work-related trip where you won't be allowed to bring your cat? Well, leaving your cat in good hands should be a top priority for the period that you will be away. Thankfully, you can go for a host of cat boarding alternatives to optimise the safety and wellbeing of your cat while you are away. The following discussion will help understand what each of the alternatives entails so that you can make the right choice every time you need to leave your cat behind.

In-home Boarding Alternative

One way of ensuring comfort for your cat is to make sure that it is in an environment where it can socialise with other animals. The in-home boarding alternative involves you taking your cat to a cat sitter's home before you depart. This gives your cat an opportunity to socialise with other cats under the close supervision of a pet sitter. The in-home boarding alternative is a good option when you do not want a cat sitter to have access to your house while you are away.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a good way of combining professional services with the personal life and experience that your cat is accustomed to. Cats feel more comfortable in the environment that they inhabit such as your home. Therefore, taking it to a different place for a long period would subject it to a lot of stress. In such a case, you can have a pet sitter come around and take your cat for walks, feed it and engage it in some play. You can have the cat sitter stay in your home or visit multiple times, as they deem fit. Pet sitting reduces undue interaction with other cats, which minimises the chances of contracting pests or a disease from other cats.

Traditional Boarding in a Cattery

Another alternative is to take your cat to a traditional boarding cattery where they are housed in kennels. Here, you need to carry out a reconnaissance study of your potential service provider to make sure that they are licenced to provide the pet care services. Check for such information online or check into your local veterinary offices. When choosing, go for a feline-only boarding facility that keeps cats separate from other animals. That way, if your cat is afraid of dogs or other pets, you won't have to worry about causing them undue stress. Talk to a boarder like Penfield Kennels & Cattery for more information and cat boarding options.