Why Dog Boarding May Be Better Than Pet Sitting

18 November 2015
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Two of the options open to you in case you want to leave your dog behind when you go on a trip are dog boarding and hiring a dog sitter. Dog boarding involves taking your dog to a facility dedicated to taking care of dogs (overnight or daycare). A pet sitter can stay overnight or visit your home several times a day in order to perform different dog care tasks (such as feeding and walking the dog). This article discusses why it may be better for you to take your dog to a boarding facility.

It Limits Strangers' Access to Your Home

One big advantage of dog boarding is that it removes the need to give a stranger access to your home. The pet sitter may be a professional whose integrity is above reproach. However, you may still be uneasy about leaving someone you barely know with unfettered access to your home. A boarding facility enables you to meet your privacy needs.

Your Pet Will Receive Round-the-Clock Supervision

Dog boarding facilities provide 24-hour dog supervision. For instance, your pet will be monitored as it feeds. It will also be monitored as it is exercising. This constant supervision ensures that any problem with your dog can be detected at the earliest possible moment. For instance, your dog may be taken to a vet if it constantly eats less food than it normally eats. The loss of appetite may be due to an illness. The constant supervision allows the dog to be treated before its condition worsens. Hiring a 24-hour pet sitter may be prohibitively expensive. That is why it is better to take your dog to a boarding facility.

You Can Access Additional Services

A big advantage of dog boarding is that you can use that time when you are away to access extra services for your dog. For instance, you can have your dog retrained at the boarding facility. You can also schedule a massage for your pet. Such extras may not be easy to access if you hire a pet sitter. This is because the dog will be taken care of within the confines of our home.

Dog boarding facilities may have some disadvantages. For instance, older dogs may find it very hard to adjust to the new setting. It is therefore advisable for you to discuss your options with your vet or another dog care professional. This professional input will help you to make the best decision for your dog.