Tips For Choosing A Cattery

29 July 2015
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So you're going away on holidays and need to put your beloved cat into cat boarding. Most cats find change stressing, so it is imperative to choose the best facility to make the transition as smooth as possible:

Plan Your Cat's Accommodation Early

Firstly, it is wise to plan well in advance as popular boarding facilities can become booked out during peak times such as school holidays. Organizing your cat's accommodation early has another advantage; you can book your cat in for a test stay for a night or two before going on holidays. This will acclimatize your cat to their new surroundings, and is particularly helpful if you are going away for an extended break. It can also help to reassure yourself that you cat will be well looked after and can cope with their new home.

Remember to check well beforehand with your vet whether your cat's vaccinations are up to date; some vaccinations can take up to five weeks to take effect.

Research Different Catteries

Word of mouth is a good place to start when investigating options. Check with friends, family or your vet for any personal recommendations. Is is always prudent to pay a visit to check on the environment and facilities first hand. 

What To Check For When Visiting A Cattery

When visiting a cattery check on the well-being of the cats; do they look happy and content? Is the individual cat accommodation clean, warm and secure? It is also preferable that your cat will have plenty of natural light and a pleasant view to help prevent boredom. 

Are the cages large enough so that the food bowls are placed well away from the litter tray? Also, most cats love to hide so it will help them feel more at ease if the cage provides a hiding place.

Some facilities afford extra services such as enclosed outdoor spaces for exercise, or webcams so that you can watch your pet while on holidays; don't forget to inquire about services such as these.

If your cat is nervous of dogs, you might be wise to avoid a combined dog kennels and cattery, as the sound of dog's barking may cause stress.

Bringing Your Cat's Possessions

Check with the cattery whether they allow you to bring your cat's toys, blanket or bowl. This will provide consistency and help you cat to feel more secure. Some cat boarding facilities don't encourage this, however, so inquire beforehand.

While you cat might find going into cat boarding stressing, by planning ahead and doing your research you will make the transition less stressing for both yourself and your cat. Contact a company such as Welcome Boarding Kennels & Cattery to learn more.