Why It Is Advisable to Leave Your Dog at a Boarding Kennel

15 July 2015
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Many dog owners remain undecided for long regarding whether they should travel with their beloved pet or leave it at a boarding kennel. This is because they do not know which option would be the best for the dog. If you are such an individual, read on and find out why it would be much better for you to leave your dog at a boarding kennel:

Avoid the Stress of a Long Journey

A long journey by car or plane can be very stressful to your dog. For instance, your dog may not be used to being in one position for very long so the journey will be stressful since the dog will be confined in one place. The journey may also disrupt your dog's sleep patterns since the journey could involve moving through places in different time zones so the dog's internal "clock" that controls sleep will be disrupted. Leaving your dog at a boarding kennel can spare it from all this stress.

Difficulty in Finding a Pet Friendly Hotel

Your dog is a very treasured part of your family and you would never be happy if your pet is not welcome at your favorite hotel or vacation destination. Rather than go through the hassle of moving from one hotel to another searching for a place where your dog will be welcome, why not leave it at a boarding kennel where it will be a treasured guest?

Difficulty in Giving Your Dog Attention

In case you are travelling for business purposes, it may be very difficult for you to give your beloved dog all the supervision and attention that it requires. For instance, you may be compelled to leave it locked in your hotel room while you attend a business meeting.

Such an action will keep nagging at your conscience as you wonder whether the dog is okay or it has escaped from the room. In case your dog is undergoing medication for an ailment, it may be very inconvenient for you to rush back to the hotel to administer the medication in the course of the day.

As you can see, it will be much better for you and your dog if you found a good boarding kennel so that you leave your pet there when you travel. Choose the boarding kennel carefully so that your dog is left in very capable hands of professionals who can attend to it in the same way that you would have cared for it if you had not travelled.

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