Understanding Various Boarding Alternatives for Your Cat

21 July 2016
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Are you going for a vacation or work-related trip where you won't be allowed to bring your cat? Well, leaving your cat in good hands should be a top priority for the period that you will be away. Thankfully, you can go for a host of cat boarding alternatives to optimise the safety and wellbeing of your cat while you are away. The following discussion will help understand what each of the alternatives entails so that you can make the right choice every time you need to leave your cat behind. Read More 

Why Dog Boarding May Be Better Than Pet Sitting

18 November 2015
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Two of the options open to you in case you want to leave your dog behind when you go on a trip are dog boarding and hiring a dog sitter. Dog boarding involves taking your dog to a facility dedicated to taking care of dogs (overnight or daycare). A pet sitter can stay overnight or visit your home several times a day in order to perform different dog care tasks (such as feeding and walking the dog). Read More 

Tips For Choosing A Cattery

29 July 2015
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So you're going away on holidays and need to put your beloved cat into cat boarding. Most cats find change stressing, so it is imperative to choose the best facility to make the transition as smooth as possible: Plan Your Cat's Accommodation Early Firstly, it is wise to plan well in advance as popular boarding facilities can become booked out during peak times such as school holidays. Organizing your cat's accommodation early has another advantage; you can book your cat in for a test stay for a night or two before going on holidays. Read More 

Why It Is Advisable to Leave Your Dog at a Boarding Kennel

15 July 2015
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Many dog owners remain undecided for long regarding whether they should travel with their beloved pet or leave it at a boarding kennel. This is because they do not know which option would be the best for the dog. If you are such an individual, read on and find out why it would be much better for you to leave your dog at a boarding kennel: Avoid the Stress of a Long Journey Read More